Awakened to an awakening by Tjs GOD~Owned©

Posted: August 19, 2013 in GOD~owned words

I need GOD
Monday morning thoughts:

Awakened to an awakening.
Trying to find somewhere that’s a safe place to dwell, without the influences from the pitts of hell.
Is there anywhere that can be called our safe sanctuary, to take heed from living life in the clutches of evil that’s been freed by the curses of the sins of humanity?
Watch what you speak, hear, see, & eat is the new-found form of ministry, all being proclaimed in our regularly scheduled programming.
Before long you have become all they watch but never heard muting our constitutional audio, all the while establishing a dog eat dog world as our self-proclaimed U.S motto.
Slaves to the enslavement system of working overtime for our daily wages, making reality of the fantasy that we are all different by being separated by our races.
The blind may just be the only ones living life as free as can be, for they can’t see the color of your skin before you even speak.
How can my GOD~Owned gift be shared from my thoughts & prayers to the world we now see, as this world is now being the ultimate killer of our own humanity.
-feeling Awakened.
I don’t need the world when I’ve got:
GOD over everything.
Spirit over flesh.
Faith over fear.
Love over hate.
Blessings over money.
Comfort over pain.
Hope over doubt.
Forgiveness over spite.
Healing over sickness.
Life over death.
Victory over defeat.
Heaven over hell! — feeling safe in GOD’s grip.

Tjs GOD~Owned OKC © 2013

  1. get smart says:

    What does the Bible tell us that God has done about evil? It tells us that he sent his son Jesus to die for our sins and to deliver us from pain and suffering. Ultimately, God is allowing evil in the world for a purpose, otherwise, he would not let it exist. Therefore, we must trust Him that He knows what He is doing.

  2. Annette Kemp says:

    Is this world everything God created it to be? God Speaking to us. Based on the God is still speaking ads.

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