A piece of peace by Tjs GOD~Owned©

Posted: August 13, 2013 in open

cry outA piece of me looks knowing I will never find him, as he’s one of those that’s gone but never forgotten.
We were like a piece of each other, sown together closer than a husband-wife or sister-brother.
I’m left heart broken don’t know where the pieces fit in, cause he came wrapped up in the midst of them.
A homey nothing but love in a friend til the end, came so quick seemed it just began, but now I’m left without a soulmate type best friend.
The world doesn’t even look the same day by day, gotta look left to right but never again your way.
At all costs within myself I can get lost, as these tear jerking pieces of memories has left me all crisscrossed.
What do I do to get back to being with you?
The only one I want whom I can never call, will take any piece of you at all, but to my knees I break down to fall.
Oh how I cry out through each tear, as loud as I can but can you hear?
Patiently waiting for you to be near, for nothing’s better than you being here.
Where can I go to be loose from this painful truth?
The only one that broke my heart in pieces cause a piece of me died with you!
copy write, Okc, Tjs GOD~Owned© 2013.


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