My awkward testimony moment by Tjs GOD~Owned

Posted: August 4, 2013 in GOD~owned Testomonies
Awkward (testimony) moment for Sunday 8/4/2013@2pm…
I was at the light off the highway at Rockwell about 10 cars back. It’s @99 degrees out give or take. There’s an old man with a cane crossing the street. In the middle of the street the man falls pretty bad with his legs in the air, cutting his arm & leg. He was struggling pretty bad to get up. I yelled out the window are you ok, but it’s obvious he wasn’t ok at all. So I park, hit the hazard light, leave my kids in the car & run over to help the man. People started honking at me to move my car cause the light changed, but they see me helping this old man across the street. I AM in awe because all around each light was packed with cars & NObody stopped to help this man off the ground & out of the street.
I saw he was bleeding so I asked where he was heading. He seemed to have trouble talking, as if he had a stroke before, so I didn’t know what to do for him but pray. I asked GOD to shower this man immediately with HIS Miraculous Divine Intervention & please JESUS help, as I know YOU can.
After I opened my eyes from praying with him there was a couple that rode up to the light that said they had seen this man in their motel complex & would help him get back there. I said well Praise The LORD for you all cause that was a quick answer to that prayer. I said a prayer for all of them in that car, & they received it! I had to run back across the street where I had left my kids & car in the street where the fire department was just pulling up.
So obviously someone called 911 but by the time they got there the man had been blessed by strangers & on his way.
~GOD please bless this man & the ones that helped him, whom I know nothing about but I know they need YOU. Be deep in the hearts of all of those that just passed by this man laying in the street & just watched on as an old man struggled bleeding helpless in need. I don’t help for recognition or praise LORD YOU know I don’t. I just help wherever in this world I see a need that YOU GOD have blessed me to meet….That just broke my heart LORD seeing your child helpless hurting needing a hand & I thank YOU LORD for giving me a heart that has compassion on all of those YOU have created.
~>Do not neglect to show love unto strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! Hebrews 13:2<~

feeling different.dear jesus help


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