TJ’s GOD~Owned self-steps

Posted: August 1, 2013 in GOD~owned Testomonies
(Thank you for inquiring)
 I just got an inbox message asking me why I can be so positive even motivational speaking here & there yet also be so down on myself almost depressive then bounce back.
They say they are down all of the time suicidal & more but see my post & wonder what I do to keep on…
I started crying because I didn’t know anybody paid any attention to me but they said they read my stats, poems, blog, & have seen me perform & speak…WoW!
My spirit got excited to tell them what I do to keep on. ~

When I’m all the way down & out (it may sound strange):

  1. I overindulge in reading prayer request as many as I can find & I pray for them all.
  2. I know NObody sees me, NObody knows, NObody gives credit but GOD.
  3. Somehow praying for others problems helps mine.
  4. I constantly lift up in secret those that request help as I am needing/waiting for my own help.
  5. I give wherever I see a need, if I am capable I will do it.
  6. Before I make a move I say lead me in the way I should go all for YOUR Glory LORD, which I end up in the strangest places but with the best testimonies.
  7. Everybody that knows me knows I listen to gospel music constantly to keep my spirits lifted & praising GOD!
  8. I fast from T.V. & secular music.
  9. I speak those things that are positive refusing to let negativity flow from me.
  10. I encourage others in love with hopes of encouraging myself.

feeling confident.

don't give up


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