“Tested” by Tjs GOD~Owned© 2013

Posted: July 10, 2013 in GOD~owned words
I’m barely passing life’s tests.
I’m not knowing if I will be blessed to receive my own day of rest.
Seems I’m doing this all on my own, & it’s mighty humbling not staying in my own home.
It’s heartbreaking in the end, when I’m losing my closest friends.
Death stalking, streets talking, while I’m faith walking but stumbling on my own two feet.
This all is making me re-think my visions, hopes, & dreams.
How can this be?
Having the need to bypass my wants & greed by being blessed to bless others in the midst of my poverty.
Unknown how I alone can meet the priorities of what to wear & eat.
I want to run from myself, but still yet, I’m still laying hold to the prize, of what lies on the other side of this painstaking way of surviving life.
 As we hold tight to our treasures that we really secretly despise.
I’m not going to cry.
For what will anger bring to the lie that has my reputation by the string?
Making me out to be or to think I’m just some type of trifling unruly being.
BUT still yet I hold tight to the truth.
I can do what I can do, but it doesn’t really have to be done for you.
For I will unselfishly maintain.
For I’m not anything more than a GOD~breathed soul with The blood of CHRIST running through my veins.
Give up!
Is what I hear from the voices of fear.
Nevertheless I made you ordained for this exact time & date so just trust & wait says my Father from HIS Heavenly gate!
Tjs GOD~Owned© Copyright Okc 2013

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