Haven’t been talking to GOD lately?

Posted: June 28, 2013 in GOD~owned words

Abba my most gracious & merciful FATHER in Heaven creator of all things, hear YOUR child please LORD. Holy Holy Holy are YOU LORD GOD almighty. I beg YOUR forgiveness for neglecting this time I could have been fellowshipping with YOU. FATHER I know how important my time with YOU is yet I allow myself to get in the way. Forgive me FATHER GOD for all I have done against YOU, I humbly repent for my sin. I confess only YOU can heal me whole & I have faith & trust that YOU will heal me as well as forgive me. FATHER I want YOU to give us all a word to lean on in this evil time. YOU are all the hope we have. We have hope that we will be able to be home with YOU in paradise, gazing at YOUR beauty. Please FATHER GOD speak to us for encouragement, motivation, & inspiration for YOUR humble child is listening.

GOD’s response:

My child I have been longing for you to pay attention to my words. I have been seeking your attention as you have been seeking your own. There are many disasters and tragedies expected to come in an abnormal number. There will be many crying out to me for deliverance. I need you for such a time as this to be prepared to go before the multitude. They will receive you for you will be speaking on my behalf. There will be many who do not receive my words yet they will not be able to harm you.

The time is now & what little time it is. In a short amount of time there will be no record that will need to be kept for there will be no future to have to return to the past. This may seem unrealistic but what is to come has never been seen nor heard of to compare. The end of days seem far away when you look back on how long it has taken to come to pass, I know that you doubt the words I have given you yet I still pursue you more than I am pursued.

The best way to be prepared for all of the attacks the enemy has in store is by praying & fasting. Many believe that this practice is irrelevant but I have given you all the strongest weapons on earth. Being covered from head to toe with my word & ways shields you from the constant attacks from the enemy. I have set up protection for all of those that choose to go my route instead of the enemies.

Once you realize that victory is already mine then you will realize no weapon can harm you. Be at peace for I AM always with you.


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