Roadblock by Tj’s GOD~owned©

Posted: May 3, 2013 in GOD~owned words

I’ve crashed right into a wall.
Seems this wall is so wide & even tall, I can’t seem to get past it at all.
This wall seems to have been man made, specifically as a roadblock so there’s no way to get past it from my lane.
Have I reached my dead end?
How can this be with my race left unfinished?
Just when I give up to fold, for theres no way to get over it even from the experts I’m told.
This extrememly wide tall wall, has me trapped from passing it at all.
But just when I said I can’t do it I quit, my GOD whispered give it to me for I am your strength.
HE says I made the race as well as the course that you’ve already won, so don’t quit when there’s more walls to conquor as you continue on.
I will be the coach in your ear telling you there’s nothing at all let alone a wall to fear.
Suddenly before my eyes I can see, that this wall in front of me, can be moved or better removed by my own beliefs.
It may be hard to describe how this belief system has paced my stride.
It may be hard to believe but I can now see how this wall only seemed to trap me in unbelief.
I believe I can see past this place, for I have a coach to actively assist me finish this race.
It may seem I was racing alone, headed to no place so far from where I call home.
Now this wide tall wall has just set me free, for I can now clearly see.
It was an illusion even to me, that once I focused on the wall instead of HE.
I was dealyed feeling the defeat that losing my race consumed my victory.


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