True witnesses to the two witnesses!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in GOD~owned Testomonies
Ok so two Jehovah’s Witnesses just knocked on our door….
Little did they know they met the right family today!
witnesses-we came to your house to pray!
me-ok! Who are you praying to?
 witnesses-GOD in heaven
me-ok! So are either of you familiar with 1 John 4:2?
witnesses-ummm…not off hand…ma’am.
me-Do you believe in JESUS?
witnesses-YES! Ma’am..We believe HE is the son of GOD.
me-do you believe JESUS came in the flesh, lived, died on the cross, arose & is alive today?
witnesses-YES! Ma’am we believe.
me-well ok let’s pray!
 (they lQQking around as if wishing they could close the door on me!)
 my 7yr old-sooo just over heard you believe in JESUS.
witnesses-well yes…we came over to pray with you all.
7yr old-do you both believe in Ephesians 4:6?
witnesses-ummmm….we are not too familiar with that scripture.
my 5yr old jumps in-well you should know that there’s One GOD FATHER of All who is above all through all & in all!
witnesses-wow! how old are you boys?
me-Cracking up! (who came to witness to who?)
5yr old-what made yal come over our house?
7yr old to 5yr old-they came over to pray with us!
 5yr old-well I can pray with yal because Our Father who art in heaven….
(so he prayed the LORD’s prayer!) AMEN!
5yr old-anything else?
witnesses-we wanted to pray for whatever you all might need or someone you know needing prayer.
7yr old-Moma? We prayed for everyone this morning when we put on the armor of GOD what else is there to pray about?
me-we can never get enough prayer so more prayer for everyone sick, headed to hell, lost, our house & family, these witnesses & their families as they go door to door!
witnesses-prayed a prayer…AMEN!
me-AMEN! GOOD-bye!
witnesses-ummm ma’am….(as door closes!)
7yr old-So, Moma they came to talk about JESUS without their bibles?
me-I don’t know if they had a bible or not but I didn’t see one.
5yr old-well if we memorize the whole bible we won’t need to carry it either.
 7yr old-well they couldn’t have memorized it if they didn’t even know the ones we know.
OMG! It was waaaay funnier than I can describe!
~I was cracking up crying because I didn’t say ANYthing I just let them all talk…I know those witnesses didn’t expect ANYthing like that & I know they got witnessed to at our door! There was a little more like my son said to them well people just knock on the door to talk about GOD well I can tell you some stuff about my GOD….rofl!

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