My First Love by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: November 27, 2012 in open

My First Love©
Oh how much do I love U?
Well let me count the ways. There seems to be not enough minutes in all of our days. You are the first one to be inside my bare emotions where NO man has gone before. We made love mentally before even physically touching leaving me wanting more & more. My mind is stimulated by the thoughts that are expressed by your heart through your lips. My body sweats just to imagine your blood & sweat getting down to the deepest depths of our friendship. My soul rejoices each moment we are re-connected, by its ONLY soul mate created solely for each other that only by haters of true love are we rejected. My spirit is at peace with every sound of your loving voice. I’m not a thief don’t take what’s not mine but I would wait for your love forever by choice. You were created just for me and only me & I’m truly all yours. There are so many ways I can’t count there’s not enough space nor lines not even enough words to write down. There’s not enough time to share how much I care I love you more & more & want you no where else but right here. We both know there’s no denying GODs doing a great work in both of us, somehow we have the LORDs attention & HE’s the only one that loves you more than me just because!



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