See past pretty by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: October 3, 2012 in open

As you look at her as she is so pretty, you can’t see down to her nitty gritty.

You can’t see where she’s been & how she got all of her confidence.

What you see is what she wants you to see, so you can admire how she’s so pretty.

Not knowing she knows she has scars that come from her traveling so far.

It seems she can live with ease & her life should be a breeze.

Yet nothing comes easy for those that have lived a life as she.

What you think is a lavish laid place to stay has utility bills that increase everyday.

She holds her own as full-grown living in her own home & drives the vehicle that she had on loan.

Her face is full of grace but she’s done some ungrateful things.

Don’t try to stop her steady stride or pull up to her in your ride, for she knows she has a pretty face that can make a man want to take her any place.

But she has yet to find a friend that has more confidence than to think she wants their man because they can’t stop staring.

As you look can you see that she is as hurt as the unpretty, not ugly in the prettiest of eyes that can see past her beautiful disguise.

When you look do more than see that there is more to her beauty than just pretty.

See this beauty as a whole, that has a spirit to lay hold, of the fact that when you go you leave your prettiness behind & take only your soul.

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