Find me by Tjs GOD~owned

Posted: September 25, 2012 in GOD~owned words
If you try to find me.
I may be found on my knees.
Most likely I am between the sheets of repentance, for myself & all of humanities iniquities.
“They” never give ANYthing for free, so should I believe “they” gave it you & me?
Is it for you to see I’m only as free as “they” say I can be(?)
I can’t sleep when I wake from every lil shake.
Am I the only one awake to feel the Earth quake from being raped by a race that only takes, pretends to give, & borrows to maintain without any shame.
Can we all just repent like we should to the One GOD that gave to us our flesh & all our blood?
Instead of giving more of an everyday craze, for the paper that was only made, when GOD gave “them” the idea of calculating a day’s wage.
GOD provided our route so we wouldn’t have any doubt.
The Way The Truth & The Life there’s no confusion that seems to cover all that’s right!
 JESUS paved the way for you & me to actually be free not just for today but at least eternity.

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