GOD spoke to me!

Posted: August 29, 2012 in GOD~owned words
ABBA my FATHER I trust YOUR way is straight. I trust what YOU say is truth. I do not know how to get rid of this defeated attitude & be the woman of GOD YOU have created me to be. I want to walk in my purpose YOU have set for me.  I want to wake & know that what I am doing is all for YOU from my day-to-day. Help me FATHER I seek YOUR way & not my own. Speak to me FATHER for YOUR humble child is listening.
YAH: my child you are above outstanding here on Earth as well as in Heaven. I have forgiven every sin, & I have healed every wound. You are whole in me. You are my most precious anointed child. You are bathed in Glory & wrapped in Grace. You are showered with immeasurable blessings & I am outpouring my power & gifts on you. You have received more than you even know. You have called those things that are not in my name & they will most definitely be true above & beyond the visions & dreams that you have seen. You will do a great thing in this world for me & they will all know I have chosen you to do so. Feel the Earth cry out for your presence to touch the lost & mislead. See all that I have put in front of you. See that because of you multitudes will avoid an unbearable eternity. You are sensitive to the aches of this Earth. You are sensitive to know my SPIRIT calling out for you. You know you have been chosen regardless of you feeling capable be honored. Be of good cheer that my hand is covering you & lifting you in high places. I see your heart. I see you want to be close to me. I know you want change to come quickly but you have to be ready at any time for change to come upon you. What I am doing is happening quicker than you think. I will reveal to many what I am doing in you for support. You don’t need any support but mines but I will give you the support you so long for to aid you on this journey. They will have unconditional love for you and assist you in completing my task at hand.

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