GOD speaks to me!

Posted: August 29, 2012 in GOD~owned words
Abba my FATHER please forgive me for straying from YOUR Will and way. Thank YOU for forgiving my sins. Thank YOU JESUS for being my Savior. I call on YOU seeking YOU first & YOUR righteousness. I don’t love this world nor do I feel I belong to it. I am struggling with what YOU have said for me because I don’t feel capable of fulfilling YOUR Will. I know what YOU say is true indeed because I trust YOUR word. I love YOU FATHER & want YOUR Will done in my life now. I pray to finish school on time. Please help us now & forever more. Please FATHER help me financially as well as mentally be of a sound mind & spirit. Please heal me from any diseases &/or sickness that may be within me unknown. Cover my sons with YOUR healing Grace. I know I have fallen short of YOUR Glory. I know I should be at school right now yet I am sitting here talking to YOU feeling out of YOUR Will…I guess. Please help me FATHER. Please help my son so I can have Peace & so can they. I don’t want to be out of YOUR good Grace & favor that YOU have for me. Speak to me FATHER because I don’t know who else to go to for help but YOU because YOU know more about me than I do.
YAH: My child, I have given you all that you need. If it is finances you desire than that is what you will have an overabundance of it. If it is peace you request than walk in peace. I will give you over & above all that you ask me for. The plans I have for you far exceed the prayers that you have requested. If I out-pour more on you than you need than you will find burdens from them that I do not want you to have to accrue. I am more than willing to overwhelm you with riches beyond measure yet I do not want you to turn from me. Man will not supply you with all that I have for you. There is nothing beyond your powers for I have created you to be multi-powerful without measure. There is none to compare you to but myself. I have handed you my powers from my throne room. I have taken the strongest of the strong & but that heart inside of you. There is none stronger on Earth to date as in what I have put in you. You are magnificent & worthy to handle all I have in store for you. From before you were conceived I knew you & have loved you with an unconditional love. Speak to those that believe because they will believe all that you have said & that I have picked you as my chosen witness. I have given you a task many have prayed for since it was written. I have given you a promise to lean on that should cause great joy to overflow from you. Instead you seem burdened & hard-pressed for luck. When I have handed my angels over to you for your charge to call them on assignment as you are guided by my SPIRIT. Do not fret or be concerned if not one believes a word you say to them but know that you know what I have put in you to say to them is true indeed. I have chosen you above all else, and you will complete this assignment I have given to you. You will not fail one day. You will be over & above anything you have seen and or heard. There will not be any that will touch you or stop the work I am doing in you for what is to come. The enemy tries hard to cause you to feel low & unable to endure yet I give you strength to overcome. I come to your aid when you are in trouble. I save you when you need me to raise you up. I know what & where you are at all times & if there was a place that you shouldn’t be I would till you immediately. All that you have done has been by my Grace& Mercy in your life. Fear is not from me so the fear you have should be replaced with the joy that I have for you. Regardless of any that you come in contact with you believing that I have ordained you to speak to the masses, rulers, leaders of this world know that you are not doing this for self-interest but for me alone. I want to get you to a point where you focus solely on me regardless of how you are feeling. Trust me my child I want great joy to overflow from every area of your life. I want my peace to blanket every area of your mind. I want you to be healed from every sickness that could ever come in contact with you. I want for you more than you can ever want for yourself. If you do not believe my words believe all that I have done for you. Believe what I have delivered you out of thus far. Believe in the things that have held you up til this time. I have proven my hand is in your life & that I will supply you with more than enough.

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