Morning song by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: August 19, 2012 in open

What is wrong with this song I start to sing in the morn?

Have I given myself to the wrong side through sin I was born.

I want to have peace joy love in this life of the living.

I’ve done many things good but mostly bad & I still know I’m forgiven.

We see ourselves weak as a helpless body in a world that’s floating around with no great meaning.

Then we see ourselves hopeless with no great joy with unfruitful dreaming.

So they say this & they say just do that without a care for your own soul’s rest.

Thinking your impoverished living desolate & have no reason to give your best.

What kind of world loves gloom disharmony destruction & defeat?

The same world that has plenty yet will tax & starve all those trying to eat.

Nothing is new under the sun as long as evil still exists.

These evil ways encompass us all giving us a choice to give in or resist.

There’s more evil guaranteed we will not find rest with a raging battle in our minds.

We must wake up shortly to discover we are trapped in an illusion of time.

Who am I? Better yet whom’s am I? I AM a child of the Creator of all.

Why follow this abusive relationship loving the world that is destined to fall.

I walk away with my song singing praises in the morn to my FATHER on high.

HE loves the song I sing & says there’s nothing wrong with me in HIS own eye.

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