Inside Reality by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Humble Prayer Requests
GOD’s Will will be done!
Where are we going to run, when the danger that is present comes?
Not knowing the danger actually resides, from all of the damage we have done on the inside?
Pray for yourself to have an open eye, desperately needing to get rid of the evilness of lust, selfishness, & pride.
Our home on Earth along with our body can be seen that we caused our own disruption, yet we ignore the side effects that are currently under construction.
Don’t blame just the illuminati for causing our self-destruction that you have also helped birth. Evidence we now see that you & I have conjured a curse, that’s fueled by pride, lust, & selfishness evidence in yourself dying & our dying Earth.
Don’t look to the skies for destruction to come, look to what you are doing to your own Earth the only home you have where Creation has begun.
I feel the Earth shake like a small quake almost daily something is going on inside, that will come to the surface then where are you going to go to run & hide? A world diseased from the consequences of the sins of selfishness, lust, & pride??? Will explode to expose the awakening of the reality from within the  inside .

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