Dying not to quit! by Tjs GOD~owned

Posted: August 5, 2012 in open


Dying not to quit
I’m feeling all alone struggling to maintain this status of full-grown. Never wanting to say I quit when feeling down & out as a puzzle piece that won’t fit. What’s wrong with YOUR soldier LORD that only YOU hold so high. With wings YOU gave to soar yet unable to fly. Teaching preaching studying every way to be right yet I see my nightmares & it’s not even night. Help I cry for I don’t want to quit & give up all I am just to overcome all of this.

I am down to the ground seems all I do is hell bound, but I know I gave my heart & soul to the one that created me humble & bold. I cry out how can this be so defeated yet promised victory. I am a soldier is what was given to me, to never give up because I was born on the winning team. Help me FATHER for I am still knocked to the ground looking for love but there is no love to be found. I know YOU see me struggling to get up on my toes, how can You miss me when YOU give the breath straight to my mouth & nose. I will rise, with an open eye stayed on the prize. For YOU died, for me to have pride. In the simple fact, YOU gave so I can at least give back, my life can never top any of that!


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