GOD said to me!

Posted: July 29, 2012 in GOD~owned words

GOD said to me…

concerning a friend

You have been very obedient by giving her the tools you were given from my SPIRIT to be silent. You know all too well what she is going through for she will be delivered from what the enemy plans for evil I make good especially for those who are obedient and hear my call. She has to be willing to submit to the transformation I have to put her through. She can utilize her time wisely as I need to be the head of every area in her life. The worldy party time is over. The ties with the ones in this world need to be cut so I can lead her to the ones she needs to accomplish the mission she was created to perform for me alone & my Glory. I love every inch of her & hate to see her in so much pain but I will replace all of her pain with pure joy as she leans on me & not her own understanding. She is much needed for my Kingdom & as she changes all around her including her children will be changed for me.

concerning us all-

There is much to do in very little time. The enemy has been patiently constructing his empire for many many centuries. I have only the saints that choose to actively hear my voice & allow me to transform them from all the pollution the enemy has caused to circulate throughout every mind body spirit & soul.

I have been doing a new thing & the time is now to use my selected few to infect my love on the unexpected to capture the hearts of the misguided.

This is my secret weapon to use the ones cast to the side as unknown & weak. Many will not expect the strongest of all to emerge from what looks like the weakest. Trust my words children I will do all of the footwork for you. All I need you to do is trust that I am here right here for you never leaving you to fend for yourselves no I am ready with guards around with full attention on your safety as well as your family.

Know that you know I will not allow you to go not one moment here on this Earth without my hand on you.

You are my children & I am your Father & I will ensure no harm will come upon you as you ensure in your trust that I have you covered.

As I am speaking let not a shred of doubt enter in because I will never lie

I will tell you what is to come & what I have for you as you patiently wait for my words to hold true.

Watch my ways & prove how they can be guaranteed satisfaction without fail.

I am here to rescue you, keep you, love you, encourage you, & save you all from the clutches of the enemy that holds fast to this misguided generation. You are awakened to be able to awaken others.

You all are so SPIRITually connected more than you will ever know. Trust it is NO accident that you all are connecting with each other on my behalf.

Watch how the energy flows once you all get together.

There is nothing on Earth as powerful as the power I have given to you all that come together under my guidance. This is so new there will be unexpected life changes by your obedience in me. People you never believed could be changed will change by what I am doing in each of you.

Stay strong the attacks are constant & consistently coming but I will lift you up where no attack can touch you. The time has come for you to suit up & start war for the lives of the lost for my Glory be prepared lacking nothing equiped with every power released from my Kingdom into your lives as we speak. You are the superheros of this world with a mission to save the world with me as your guide to victory. You have won the fight before you even begun! I love you have Peace!


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