Bye to us by Tjs GODowned

Posted: March 12, 2012 in open

I’ve given up on this chase, the pussy lets the mouse win the race, cause we’ve been running in circles for way too many years. I don’t want to be alone, maybe saying goodbye is all wrong, but it’s time for me to woman up & face all of my fears. Every morning thinking today is the day, you will finally put your childish games away to fall asleep every night with no change. All these y…ears I’ve never strayed, yet I’m still on display, because I’ve been left on some kind of neverending¬†layaway. This game is over I’ve run as far as I can, it’s gone on for far too long & we are no closer than when we began. I will still take your calls, don’t trip I’m not bitter at all, but I’m not settling for any homeyloverfriend. You still want to run the streets with your thugs, not giving a f—fluff, allowing your habit to become your profession. I’m not settling for less by adding your unwanted stress by your current actions you don’t even meet my lowest standards.


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