GOD gave us weapons of mass destruction-Let’s go & grow!

Posted: February 6, 2012 in GOD~owned Testomonies, open

http://20000souls.com/dcvideo.html <=======click link! 

Want to grow SPIRITually & help others also grow? Well this can help you be equiped. Every army starts off with training. Why should GOD’s army be any different. Follow the courses step by step & be equiped for GOD’s army! Let’s go & grow…

I pray in the Name of JESUS, as promised in John 14:14, that every person that views this GOD~owned site is used to the fullest by YOU, LORD. I pray, to capture the hearts of the lost, embrace the fatherless, & cause a halt in the many souls that are headed away from GOD’s eternal life, which is promised to all of us. I pray supernatural success in every willing person’s life. I pray, by the blood of JESUS CHRIST who came in the flesh to save us all, that NO soul will be left to perish for lack of knowledge. Amen.


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