No debating about GOD by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: February 5, 2012 in open

Our last day together is today,

 even with many things left to say, in all types of different ways, still leaves us over today. Yet I choose to take the silent road, go ahead conclude what you like but my truth won’t unfold. I’m not going to keep the little gestering thing, I hesitated but still gave you back your ring. I obviously must not can comprehend the real deal, as you explain to me how you really feel. Which is all new news to me, but to you oh so releasing & free. It is actually difficult to have to find, that you believe a GOD like mine is not really that divine, but HE seems to be so brutally cruel. Confirming to me you are more a fool, that didn’t even pay attention in your Sunday school. Nevertheless, you continue to preach, saying I judge the least as I’m nestled comfortably on my unwithered pedestal seat. This all just really means, after years you still don’t actually know me, because judging isn’t even in the least a part of my biology. To say I’m selfish at heart, trying to get an A for effort in playing the part. By your words you expose your hidden disguise, giving evidence my feelings have been polluted by your lie. That you are righteous believing CHRIST died & you want to have a righteous GOD~owned wife. You successfully played the role as nice, til it came down to dig deep inside your mind. Found out what makes you stick around. Saying at your weakest, I helped you out not letting you fai,l but holding you down. While I’m thinking true love has really been found. So many years you say will have gone to waste, if we end today going on our separate ways. By the fact our relationship is described as a waste, makes it easier to have you gone & replaced. I’m not going to lie, I thought we were headed towards that great pie in the sky. I’m just glad it was made clear by you, before I ever said “I do” that you don’t care about your own souls fate. If it’s headed to hell then hell you say awaits. Well this is all ridiculous in my eyes. Foolishness as more of a fool is what I despise. To give your soul over to lies, that there’s not a Saviour in CHRIST that died. I’m ending this long love affair, many good years of love we shared. I’m praying he wakes up one day & can see, that I cared more for his soul than he!©


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