Black History F.Y.I

Posted: February 3, 2012 in open
  1. Elijah McCo- invented an automatic oiling device that allowed machines to be lubricated while they were still in use. Some say that this is where the expression “the real McCoy” originated.
  2. Guion S. Bluford, Jr.-was the first African American in space.
  3. Garrett Augustus Morgan-invented the automatic traffic signal, as well as, the gas mask used by soldiers in World War I and by firemen in the early 1900’s.
  4. Maya Angelou-is a world famous poet, historian, author, singer and civil rights activist. She is both a Grammy and Horatio Alger award winner.
  5. Sojourner Truth-was a true force in the abolitionist movement, as well as, a preacher. She added the women’s rights movement to her cause in 1859.
  6. Sh’L’andran’icole Jordan-First person to have 3 pointless apostrophes in a single name.
  7. Johnnie Mae Wilkins-First person to proclaim herself to be “too blessed to be stressed”.
  8. Lonnie G. Johnson-Invented the Super Soaker water gun.
  9. Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion, patented a wrench in 1922. The term “Johnson” has referred to a tool ever since.
  10. July 1927: Edwin Perkins invents red Kool-Aid.
  11. Barak Obama– has carved out a niche for himself in black history by becoming the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, which is one of the most cited, and considered by many to be the most prestigious in the US.
  12. Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.– was the first black astronaut, but he never made it into outer space, he died in a training flight that crashed in 1967. Guion Bluford became the first black person in outer space in 1983.
  13.  Mae Jemison was the first black woman in space, in 1992.
  14. RUTHIE MCCAULEY-First person to inform somebody that she “don’t have to do sh!+ but stay black and die.”
  15. Samuel “Sam Sam” Little-First person to eat a piece of food dropped on the ground after holding it up in the air and saying “God kiss it; devil miss it.”
  16. Will Richards-First man to put something on his mama (i.e. – “TOUCH ME AGAIN AND WE GON’ FIGHT, MAN, I PUT THAT ON MY MAMA!”).
  17. REV. W.J. SHANKLIN: Inventor of the church building fund.
  18. Etta Lee Green-First person to call somebody else “worsome.” (“All of you immature adults are worsome”)
  19. Rufus Wellsley-First man to shoot someone over a game of spades.
  20. Shameka King-First person to use the phrase “than a mug” to describe something (i.e. – “It is colder than a mug out here!”).
  21. The banjo originated in Africa, and until the 1800s was considered an instrument only played by Blacks.
  22. The Rolling Stones took their name from the song “Rollin’ Stone” by a black man McKinley Morganfield aka. Muddy Waters.
  23. Wally “Famous Amos” Amos was a talent agent at the William Morris Agency where he worked with the Supremes and Simon & Garfunkle.  He founded his cookie company in 1975 with a recipe from his aunt.
  24. Martin Luther King Jr. was stabbed by an mentally deranged African American Woman in 1958 in Harlem at a book signing in Blumestein’s department store.
  25. Black History month began on February 1st. Also February 1st was National Dark Chocolate Day. The fact that both of these are on the same day seems flagrantly racist to me, but hey we can’t dwell on how we got here we have to dwell on where to go from here. Only GOD knows!
  26. According to studies done by anti-slavery groups, there are currently more slaves today than at any time in history! Three quarters are female and over half are children. It is believed that there are around 27 million people in slavery right now.

    I am so grateful GOD Blesses!


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