Weeping on my knees by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: January 29, 2012 in open

As I’m weeping now on my knees,
Discouragement says stop it! Give up please!You can’t do it! It just can’t be done! It’s NOT worth it! You’re NOT worth ANYthing nor ANYone. Who cares what you think? Who will listen to your spirit? They will all reject you! It’s NOT a real gift!
In The Name of JESUS I cry out please help me please!
I don’t know what to do that’s right. I can’t seem to get ANy where I need to be not during the day nor night. I’m starting to get discouraged with myself & my poetry there are NO poets ANYwhere in sight .
I am stranded all alone within myself, looking EVERYwhere I can trying to find some help. Help only JESUS can give, as we all know JESUS does still live. Because I can’t stop the burn that’s felt on the inside of me, a raging fire ready to be set free, so the whole world can plainly see, that JESUS also died for you not just for me. GOD gave love as sin JESUS took, proving that GOD is more than the main character in HIS book. HE is the first hand look, at the meaning of Love, freely given straight from Heaven above. We are all left behind, to capture the lost souls to remind, that there is a love so divine that it goes beyond the end of time.
it just comes like this ALLLLLLL day EVERY day!!! Even as I’m lost & I can’t see my own way.
I am weeping, praying, brought all the way to my knees. GOD please to give up on me I ask at least give me YOUR Peace! ©

THESE ARE LIES from the enemy GOD says I want you to have life & life more abundantly! John 10:10-The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

I was feeling discouraged at the time crying. I was frustrated because I was due to perform on stage with one of my Prophetic poems, but I didn’t have a way to get to my performance. My babysitter flaked out, & I was posting a facebookk status. I was posting that I was irritated & having feelings of discouragement that made me not want to continue performing. It was strange because after I was done writing it I had unknowingly written in a poem. That was confirmation to me to keep doing what GOD has gifted me to do, so I share it now with you!
Be Blessed!

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