Jeremiah-like by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: January 29, 2012 in GOD~owned Testomonies

I had a dream around January 2011. Until recently I didn’t relate it to anything significant, until I read the story of Jeremiah.
As I read the opening chapters of Jeremiah I realized the same thing GOD was doing in Jeremiah’s life HE is also currently doing in mine. I was called & talked to exactly like Jeremiah.
I’m going through a Jonah-like mission but I don’t want to run the other way. Along with an Elijah-like attacks by spirits of depression & suicide that only go away by prayer & fasting. I feel like Noah for the past 10yrs that I was given a revelation of the end days but can’t seem to convince ANYone that somethings coming. I thought if I lived right I would be okay but Job did everything he knew what was right to do but with GODs influence & even satans limitations he was attacked plus many people lost their lives as I noticed Job allowed the spirit of fear to enter in freely. I don’t want to be like Moses who didn’t believe he could perform with his impediment. I don’t want to test GOD like Gideon when he was called & didn’t believe it. Feeling even like JESUS in the wilderness being tepmted by satan.
Back to the dream I had, which personally relates to the vision of Jeremiah’s tree he saw. I saw a tree in front of me. I also had a notebook. So I started writing about this tree. The more I wrote the more the tree started growing. I noticed how this continued so it made me not want to stop writing. I eventually did stop writing, but to my surprise the tree still kept growing. That put me back in perspective that although the tree grew to be abnormally huge, it had nothing to do with me writing about it. I looked up at the tree & saw that it had grrown sooo large I couldn’t even see the top branches & then I woke up.
Again, I never saw any significants in this dream until I read about the story of Jeremiah. I don’t know what GOD is doing but I am starting to document it along with prayers, testimonies, & my poetry on this GOD~owned site .

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