Dry Cry by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: January 28, 2012 in open

Dry Cry…
When my eyes hide my cries; they deny insight into my pain, from my battered & bruised heart, observing those conforming to this world of lies. I’m not depressed. I’m more caressed; by this mess of un-confessed, deceit & theft of what’s left, in the creation that was created to bless the Creator. I don’t front only put up a tough mug to seem like I’m harder, but I’m more immune to the fate of what was done yesterday to cause the raging increase of my faith today. Don’t take me too lightly. I may only seem nice & quiet, but I do have much to say. I only choose to use my words sparingly, & speak wisely day by day. What you see is only what I want you to see; the mystery of my strategy is to hide the cries from within my eyes. So my enemies believe the lie, that I’m conformed, but I’m more transformed. Transformed only by my unconditional love that knows I cry. As I know, that it is known, there won’t be anything more to show. It’s more than feelings & emotions, but it’s from love so it’s unconditional. My position is securely withheld, because I know my unconditional love won’t tell, so keeping me compelled to stay under the enemy’s radar till I get close enough to implant my seed of love unconditionally on the unexpected that are lost to love. I want not for any of my Creators creation to perish. I hope an awakening begins to awaken, the souls that choose not to hide their despise for the lack of interest into their own eternal life. When my hands hold clenched fists, you don’t even notice, that I hold hope & rage for yesterdays lost that open gates for today’s non-believers to be saved. I constantly cry for you. You don’t even know it, since I haven’t even started to show it, but now you only know it because I just sat & wrote it!©

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  1. FaithAngel says:

    Wow, awesome! Right down to the core:) I like this very much and so true, what a blessing and very profound, God bless you!!!:)

  2. tjsgodowned says:

    GOD Bless you also.
    May GOD shower you with HIS Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Peace, Joy, Hope, Healing, Compassion, Favor, & most of all HIS unconditional Love. I pray HIS Blessings overflow to you so much that you can’t do ANYthing else but Bless others in The NAme of JESUS CHRIST who came to save us all & provide us with a weapon of mass destruction!! Amen

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