The key to Patience is to wait! by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: January 20, 2012 in GOD~owned words

Be patient, hold still, & wait for there is more to life than what’s directly in front of your face.

The hands of time  keep constantly turning, while the rays of light keep constantly burning.

Be patient, hold your peace, don’t be so quick to decrease what’s left in your hands & what paces the steps of your feet.

Patience & long-suffering are one in the same, you can win with flying colors by being wise to the rules of this life’s game.

Many can’t see the stars  while their being blocked by the clouds. That doesn’t mean the stars don’t exist because they are still out & about.

It’s often a struggle to convince a non-believer to believe in what they can’t see. To walk by Faith & NOT by sight is often a struggle for even a believer to believe.©

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