RESTORATION- A Testimony of God’s Love By DaMarcus Best©

Posted: January 17, 2012 in GOD~owned Testomonies
RESTORATION- A Testimony of God’s Love By DaMarcus Best

January 29, 2010. The day my descent into “The Pit of Depression and Despair” began. It was the day I lost my job working at the Sprint call center. I was in the department known as Advanced Technical Support and was not very far from getting promoted to another department which would have come with good working hours and a nice pay increase. Prior to losing the job, I’d spent months being late to or missing work because of my vehicles breaking down and people who were supposed to be friends of ours (My wife and I) not showing up to get me to work. My boss had done everything in his ability to keep me on because he liked me and I was pretty good at my job. Well, that means nothing if you aren’t there to produce results which was the bottom line. I’d just gotten another car the day before it happened, but too late. I’d spend the next 6 months fighting the unemployment office to get my benefits to no avail. During that pan of time, the car that I’d gotten was taken back by the dealership because I’d gotten too far behind on the payment. I had a pay arrangement in place, but it was overruled by the headquarters. My wife had started a business that she was doing fairly well in at first which kept the kids and I in our home for a bit while I was looking for a job. I had a few promising, or so I thought, job offers that I ended up being turned down for despite the fact I was more than qualified for many of them. With each declining, I started to get depressed. When the unemployment office denied my request and subsequent appeal, I got even more depressed. Then, out of nowhere it seemed, my wife told me that she was leaving me for another man. A man who I’d allowed into my home and tried to befriend because he was dealing with some issues with his wife. WHAM!!!!! Now, my heart has been ripped out!!! Spent an eternity crying and not wanting to get out of the bed or off the couch, but I had to. My kids were with me and I had to do for them. I didn’t notice at first, but I’d gained a considerable amount of weight, for me anyway. I avoided the scale like it was the gate to hell, itself. One day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize my own face! I couldn’t believe it. I finally got up the courage to get on the scale and it was worse than I thought! I was used to being about 205 to 210, but the scale bypassed that and kept going until it hit almost 250.” HELLO!!!!! What have you done to yourself?” is what I was thinking. I started getting out in my yard and cutting my grass that looked like a mini rain forest! I chose to do it the hard way. Electric weed eaters and a manual push mower. The old style turn blade kind. My friends and neighbors told me I was crazy. I had to do something to release the frustration and hurt (Notice, not one time have I mentioned praying or taking to God in any way) Tried to work things out with my wife, but she wasn’t hearing it. The landlord started getting upset because we were almost $2,000 behind on the rent(yes I said $2,000) He was and is a great guy. Then, my water gets turned off, no money to get it back on. Have to go and get jugs of water in order to cook, clean, and everything else for that matter. Barely managing to get money together for electric payment. Sold almost everything of value in my home to do that. (Still haven’t mentioned God yet) On July 8, I talked with a very good friend about dating and seeing where things went from there. (I know. Legally still married, but there are other reasons for not divorcing at the time. That’s what I was saying to myself) It turns out that she is even more wonderful than I thought! Exactly what I needed all along! My aunt hooks me up with a friend of her’s that does roofing. He asks if I have experience, I have ABSOLUTELY NONE!!! He works me anyway and this helps me keep my children in our home a little longer. I get assistance with my electric that pays off not only the 200 plus that I owed, but another 400 on top of that. The I’m placed on a low-income assistance program that reduced my monthly bill to almost nothing every month. It came out of the 400 that I was ahead. (Still haven’t mentioned God have I?) Finally, lost the house! Couldn’t get caught up enough. Landlord had to evict us. My kids all went to live with their mom and I was allowed to live with my aunt as a mutual partnership. Here comes the breaking point. I don’t have my children with me anymore. I don’t know what it’s like to not have them or my wife with me. GOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T DO IT ON MY OWN ANYMORE!!!!! WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! “I was wondering when you would call on Me, My Son. You have been busy placing life and the things of life before Me, so I let you do as you saw fit.” This is what I was being convicted of at the time. I promised God that this will not happen again. He has shown His Power in my life too much for me to have been so stupid. It was at that moment that the restoration began. I’ve left out a lot of other things that occurred during this time span, but there was a LOT more going on. I was blessed with a job, much lower paying than I’d been used to, but a job none the less. It allowed me to help my children’s mother keep her home at the time and still help my aunt. My relationship that I’d mentioned before had almost gone under, but was salvaged! Now it’s at a point that is so wonderful as we both develop our relationships with God. (Still married on paper, but working on severing that tie completely as I should) My children are all doing much better now with the youngest two being with me in our new home that the Lord provided a couple of months ago. I have beautiful grandchildren that have been born during this time as well. I decided after my birthday in February to finally make a FB acct. I originally thought I was going to just connect with some old friends and family members that I haven’t seen in years, but God had a different plan with that. I started a group of my old high school friends that grew to over 300 members. God touched my spirit and told me to do something more positive with FB. I started to post prayers in the group every few evenings. Then on my status. Breakthrough!!! God said, ” If you can do this (group) without Me and it’s grown, imagine what will happen with Me directing it!” Which is what led to our family group. Now, during this time of working for scraps, I decided just to thank God for what He was giving me and to keep trusting that it would get better. Slowly, as I remained faithful, I started noticing that things where coming around. I was beginning to make more money to help with the house and my children(the youngest ones) were back with me again. My relationship was getting stronger and my faith was increasing. I finally got placed into a job that paid enough for me to get my own home again for my children and I. I’m back in my church home again. The friend is now the compliment I believe God intended me to have. Getting positioned to get a vehicle again and my personal relationship with God is growing in leaps and bounds! The Lord has placed me into other groups that are feeding my spirit and allowing me to share with others. The point of this is to let anyone that’s dealing with similar situations know God is ALWAYS there. We may not feel it because we’ve gone away from Him, but He never goes away from us!


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