Proclaimed to be-by Tjs GOD~owned©

Posted: January 15, 2012 in GOD~owned words
May my mind be released from the rage that I can hardly contain from the lies that you’ve ejected, into the many minds that are now infected. By what you say is how it is, but it really isn’t the biz. You made up your own version of who I really am, making me seem more of a counterfeit erasing the actual being that I am. My reputation is not solid if you can stir it into the mix, of your evil tricks of incomprehensible truth altering disgracing purity remix. I am not just any type of creation, that you can do as you please, release & squeeze, life into your own perverted diseased fantasies. You have to be careful when you mistreat a being like me, of high quality, sent from heaven so I claim to be Heavenly. I won’t give you a typical response of hatred & rage, & try to flatten your face, for those types of ways are left back in the day. No I chose to be wise. & not act like a fool & despise, the weak-minded outcries of your disgusting perverted lies. I let my yes’s be just that a ye,s & my no’s are of course a no, my maybes’ can be retracted until I have felt like I’m for sho. You can say all that you want to say, in the heat of your rage, but my words are so grea,t they are used sparingly in my wise way. I won’t flip nor trip, & I can keep a tight lip. My fist won’t even get clinched, for the strength of non-violence. Once you reach a certain age, you can’t just act any type of way. Even though they all say, do what you want in this day in age. If you do as you please, say you knock another to their knees. Well now they can actually call the police, & guess where you will be. It all depends on your age, where they decide to cage your rage. If you are just too young to the game, they may let you just walk away. But don’t be a rookie to the rules, because you’re from the old school. Then they know you know how to handle your cool, so to the County for you, handcuffed next to another fool. A fool indeed you will be, if you choose not to act or perhaps re-act wisely. Know for sho I’m not going to give you the pleasure to see, any reaction from me, due to your lack of respect & actions stupidity.©Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Checker


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